Intro Movie 2020SMC Event opening video

This is a congratulatory video for the opening of 2020 Seongnam International Medical Tourism Convention.

Online exhibition hall

An online exhibition hall created in a digital space.
Come visit and meet various companies in medical tourism and healthcare sectors.


Please check out the schedule of the conference which will
be held online without time and place constraints.

Business meeting

We’ve organized online meetings to be informative and effective,
going beyond the limitations of offline meetings.

  • Eun Su-mi Mayor of Seongnam
    • Secretary to the President for Women and Family Affairs, Office of Secretary to the President for Women and Family Affairs, Office of the President
    • Chairman of Women’s Committee, Regional Branch Office of the Minjoo Party of Korea in Gyeonggi Province
    • Committee member, Environment and Labor Committee, The 19th National Assembly
    • Research fellow, Korea Labor Institute
  • Lee JungEui President, Seongnam Citizens Medical Center
    • The 2nd president, Seongnam Citizens Medical Center
    • Member, Korean Surgical Society
    • Member, Korean Society of Emergency Medicine
    • Member and Planning Director, Korean Burn Society
  • Irving Stackpole CEO of Stackpole & Associate
    • -
  • Neil Lunt Professor of Univ of York
    • -
  • Paul M.Vermeulen CEO of MediGuide
    • -
  • Jin Ki Nam Professor, Yonsei University Department of Health Administration
    • -
  • Wonjae Lee Professor, International Healthcare Center of Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
    • -
  • Evgeniy Chernyshev President of National Healthcare Travel Council
    • -
  • Hong DongHo General manaer, G+FLAS Life Sciences, Inc.
    • Non-clinical/clinical/RA team manager, G+FLAS Life Sciences, Inc.
    • RA/MW team manager, Dt&CRO RA/MW
    • General manager, Non-clinical trial division, Genia
    • General manager, Drug Efficacy, Croen Inc.
    • Manager, Non-clinical trial team, Green Cross Corporation (currently GC Pharma)
  • Jung-kyu Lee CEO, Bridge Biotherapeutics, Inc.
    • Founder & CEO, Bridge Biotherapeutics, Inc.
    • Founder & CEO, Rexbio, Inc
    • Co-founder and Vice President/Head of Business Development, CrystalGenomics Co., Ltd
    • Business Development, Research institute of LG Chem (formerly LG Life Sciences)
  • Kwan-Young Chang CEO, iCureBNP
    • CEO, oneCureGEN
    • Representative executive director, iCureBNP
    • CTO, Global R&D Reserach Institute of iCureBNP
    • Executive director (Research center director), Seoko Bio-Science R&D center, Kolmar Korea
    • Executive director, Development Strategy, Hyundai Pharma/Biopharmatis
  • Jung Yun-Taek President, Pharmaceutical Strategy Institute (formerly Korea Health Industry Development Institute)
    • Head of Pharma Industry Support Office, Korea Health Industry Development Institute
    • Adjunct professor, Sookmyung Business School MBA Program
    • Adjunct professor, Department of Healthcare Industry, CHA University
    • Adjunct professor, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Management, Chung-Ang University
    • CEO & President, Pharmaceutical Strategy Institute
  • Eom SooHyuk Doctor, DNV GL
    • Principal auditor, Korea Office, DNV GL
    • Certification reviewer, Norway Headquarters, DNV GL
    • Dental medical device professional, DNV GL
    • Adjunct professor, Department of Dental Technology, Shingu University
    • Senior researcher, Industry-academia cooperation office, Wonkwang University, College of Dentistry, Wonkwang University
  • Han HyunWook Professor, College of Medicine, CHA University
    • Member, National Defense Safety Advisory Committee, Ministry of National Defense
    • Planning commissioner, R&D of Industry-convergence AI, National IT Industry Promotion Agency
    • Korea Health Promotion Institution
    • Member, Regulation-Free Special Zone Ombudsman, Ministry of SMEs and Startups 
    • Director, Korea Big Data Society
  • Kim DoHyun CEO, BT Solutions
    • CEO, BT Solutions
    • Adjunct professor, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
    • Research reviewer, US FDA (2006-2016)
  • Lee DongHyuk Professor, College of Medicine, Gachon University
    • Head of business support center, Gachon University
    • CEO, Mateiral Solutions Technology Co., Ltd
    • Head of the U.S. Branch, Marotech
    • CEO, Cybermed Inc.
    • Senior research engineer, Medical Institute, Seoul National University
  • Kim Chang-ok CEO, Kim Chang-ok Academy
    • Nation’s first voice consultant
    • Former adjunct professor, Seoul Womens’ University
  • Lee SeungHwa Chief, Department of family medicine, Seongnam Citizens Medical Center
    • Academic advisor, Korea Society of Nutrional Supplement Prescription
    • Director, Korean Society of Integrative Oncology
    • Director at Large, Korean Institute for Functional Medicine
    • Director of Publication, Korea Institute of Nutritional Medicine
    • Member of Scientific Committee, The Korean Academy of Family Medicine
  • Cho HyungWon Professor, Cardio-cerebrovascular Disease Center, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
    • Fellow, Division of Cardiology, Department of Internal Medicine, Seoul National univeristy Bundang Hospital
    • Fellow, Division of Cardiology, Department of Internal Medicine, Ewha Women’s University Seoul Hospital (2017~2019)
    • Public health doctor (2014-2017)
    • Resident, Internal Medicine, Ewha Women’s University Seoul Hospital (2010-2014)
  • Park SeungJin Director of Education, Korea Physical Therapy Association in Gyeonggi Province
    • Director of Education, Korea Physical Therapy Association in Gyeonggi Province
    • Part Leader, Siwha General Hospital
    • Special therapy center, Sihwa General Hospital, Namchon Foundation (May, 2018~present)
    • Adjunct professor, Department of Physical Therapy, Dongnam Health University (March 2013~present)
    • Physical therapist for central nervous system, musculoskeletal system and sports rehabilitation at various specialized hospitals
      (Jan. 2003~April 2018)