Medical Tourism in Seongnam City

The medical tourism industry is the nation’s driver for new growth. By attracting foreign medical tourists, the industry creates high-added value and contributes to the vitalization of the local economy.
The status of medical infrastructure in Seongnam City (as of Jan. 2020)
Medical tourism No. of institutions Medical institutions No. of institutions
General hospital 7 centers Dental hospital (clinic) 461 centers
Hospital 27 centers Oriental medicine hospital (clinic) 346 centers
Local clinic 759 centers Nursing hospital 7 centers
Hospital for the elderly 1 centers Public health center 3 centers
Number of institutions registered for serving foreign patients (as of July, unit: no. of institutions)
Category Seongnam City Gyeonggi-do the entire nation
Total 45 321 2,870
Medical institution 24 151 1,652
Hospitals registered for serving foreign patients 21 170 1,218
  • One stop service
    One stop service from arrival to departure including airport pick-up and hotel reservation
  • Local language translation service
    Translation provided within 48 hours,
    Local language translation service provided
  • Preferential service
    Priority reservation for foreigners
    Interpretation provided for various languages
The status of medical tourism partner organizations in Seongnam City (as of Sept. 2020)
Medical institution General institution
General hospital 4 centers Oriental medicine clinic 1 centers Hospital that serves foreign patients 7 centers
Hospital 2 centers Institution specialized for health checkup 2 centers Hotel 10 centers
Dental clinic 1 centers Skin/plastic surgery/aesthetics 4 centers Department store 3 centers
Ophthalmic clinic 1 centers Orthopedic clinic 1 centers Others 4 centers